EV Solution Platform by SCG International

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EV Solution Platform

One-stop clean energy for Electric Vehicles Business under “Smart Clean Mobility” concept

SCG International develops solution for the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) business by integrating various services to support the use of electric vehicles in Thailand for all types of enterprise users with the concept of “Smart Clean Mobility” in collaboration with expert partners to deliver products and services covering various areas as follows:

Fully-Integrated EV Ecosystem

“We are Ecosystem Builder”

EV Supplier Selection

Battery quality and safety are our key priority.


Spare Part

Preparing distribution centers for EV Spare parts.



Competitive Service Level Agreement with established strong partnership.


Charging Station

From both SCG own captive and our strong charger installation partners, we ensure that charging stations are covered.



For the Energy Storage System (ESS) and innovation that supports alternative energy usage such as solar roofs. Also, this extends to locating technologies that will upcycle used batteries to energy storage systems and even introduce respectable drivers to serve our customers.



Services for local assembly or converting internal combustion engines to EV.


IT System Development

Development capabilities for IoT integration such as Charging System, Product monitoring.



That offer diverse financial packages for leasing and other options.

Speech Of Managing Director

Mr. Abhijit Datta, Managing Director
SCG International Corporation co., ltd

“We are fully committed to supporting Thailand’s move towards Sustainability and a BCG economy. EV has emerged as one of the great opportunities to make this possible driven largely by key changes around the world such as improvements in technology and stronger commitments by governments, vehicle manufacturers and other stake holders.

SCG International will play it’s part by developing complete EV solutions under the “Smart Clean Mobility” concept together with our ecosystem partners in key market segments. We will help our customers to transition towards Clean mobility by providing them with access to the right technology, products as well as a worry-free complete & Smart solution.

We look forward to this exciting journey ahead”

Our Mission

We will enable Thailand to achieve Sustainability Goal and create New Growth Business with “Smart Clean Mobility”